Teacher Training

Teacher Training at Karuna

Imagine yourself truly beginning …

Naturally and easily uncovering the knowledge within to live a healthy, peaceful balanced life …

Yoga is sometimes called Spiritual Science, bringing you to the place where your physical being and life force meet, and channeling everything in perfect synergy. Yoga could be simply described as instructions for optimal living in all ways — if we were fortunate enough to come with such an instruction manual!

Every facet of ourselves is addressed — technique and practices for body, mind and spirit all contained within these powerful and healing teachings.

Yoga Sadhana (Path of Yoga) … 200- and 300-hour programs

At Karuna, we offer training at the beginning level, and also a 300-hour bridge program for teachers seeking to continue and deepen their practice and teaching techniques. The entire yoga system is taught and studied, as well as the knowledge and guidance imparted to advance your own practice and to teach creative Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

Subjects of Study:

  • The Eight-Limbed Path (Complete Yoga System)
  • The Asanas and Pranayama (Postures and Mastery of Breath)
  • Physical and Subtle Anatomy (Chakra System)
  • The Creative Art and Order of Teaching: Training the mind, body and voice to move together
  • Continuous Learning and Flow from Practice to Teaching: The Art of Progression
  • History of Yoga: The Study of the Self
  • Sacred Texts: Jnana Yoga, the Yoga of the Mind
  • Bhakti Practice, the Yoga of the Heart
  • And more …

Whether you want to teach, strengthen and deepen your abilities as a teacher, or just learn the entirety of this incredible system for enlightened and optimal understanding and living, Karuna Yoga is here to propel you deeper.