“I’ve been practicing yoga for 30 years and teaching since 1998, so I have taken from many teachers and studied many styles. With a loving open, heart and depth of knowledge from years of study and practice, Eloise embodies the pure teachings of Yoga! What she has to offer her students in terms of sequencing poses and transmitting the essence of Yoga is really phenomenal. She know the details of the poses, and can give you an alternate pose that might work better for your body or level of practice, and can explain the benefits of each pose. She is the consummate teacher for beginners or seasoned Yogis!” ~Richard Brookens

“I am honored, blessed and grateful to have randomly stumbled upon Eloise’s yoga school online. I have taken classes with countless different yoga teachers and was always left with feelings of emptiness and I never really reached anywhere near my potential. With just a few sessions with Eloise, I have advanced tremendously and I feel like I’m moving with so much more ease than before. She got me into a headstand in less than five minutes and I’ve been doing yoga for a while and was unsuccessful! She performs every pose just as you would see it in a book! I am taking the yoga teacher training with her (just started) and it’s nothing short of AMAZING! She is extremely knowledgeable, easy going and flexible with the scheduling! Thank you, Eloise, for going above and beyond fulfilling my yoga dreams thus far. I look forward to many more hours, yoga lessons, life lessons and time with you! You’re a beautiful soul inside and out … Namaste!” ~Gina T.

“Really great teacher. If the location was more convenient and the hours fit my schedule, this would be my yoga studio. Probably the best prices you’ll find in the county, plus the teacher is really very good and challenging. Recommend.” ~Catherine Quinn Manning

“The best thing I’ve ever done IN MY LIFE! Practice with Eloise has had a profound effect on my health. I struggle with PTSD, traumatic brain injury and epilepsy. In the few months I have been working in her classes, my symptoms have lessened to the point of feeling normal and unaffected by symptoms that had me by the throat just six months ago. I love her.” ~Iris Fingerhut

“This place is so unpretentious it’s refreshing, which was the main thing I was nervous about when embarking on my yoga journey. The people who attend are down to earth, focused on their own practice and not judging yours, and it feels like an overall supportive environment. Eloise, the owner, is an amazing teacher and I really felt like I got plenty of personal attention and help without feeling on the spot or embarrassed or anything. She makes time to get involved and time to correct your form and still watch the entire class. It’s so worth the money because of this. I know I will never injure myself because she is seriously paying attention and engaged. It’s a great feeling. I look forward to more sessions, even if I’m not particularly in the mood, because I know I’ll feel amazing afterwards.” ~Adriana Rowland

“Eloise has been such a dream — and I feel SO much stronger and fitter and de-stressed since her sessions. I’m very, very grateful to her for really making my trip to Florida so memorable.” ~The Countess Bathurst

“Eloise has been my teacher since 2001. Not only is she a master of the poses and, therefore, an inspiration, she is also intuitive about her students’ needs and ways for them to improve their practice. She is very articulate about how to move into poses and what micro-adjustments can be made to go deeper. When I have had problem areas over the years, such as lower back pain or hip pain, she has assisted me with sound advice as to how to alter my practice to avoid the pain and, in fact, improve the area to eliminate pain over the course of a few weeks. This is because she herself is a long-time student of yoga, reads voraciously, and has had her own life experiences which she incorporates into her teaching. Lastly, and most importantly, through Eloise, I was introduced into what yoga really is, involving not just the body and physical asanas, but also the mind and heart as a path to Truth.” ~Kathy A.

“Eloise was not my first asana teacher, but she was my first yoga teacher. With her guidance, I learned a deeper connection to my true self through the path of yoga. She introduced me to sacred teachings and texts. Eloise is such an encouraging and inspiring teacher to anyone who takes her classes or trainings.” ~Mary Veal,  yoga teacher and OM at Kula Yoga Shala

“Life can get stressful for all of us and to get onto the mat and achieve a great workout and let the outside world disappear for a little over an hour is a wonderful way to recharge your batteries. Eloise is amazing and you can tell she has a genuine love for yoga. She has a wonderful aura and enjoys helping students advance. I did my first headstand yesterday — something I never would have thought I could do. Thank you, Eloise, for disintegrating my fears and helping me accomplish a goal of mine.” ~Kimsley Avalo

“Eloise is an amazing yoga teacher! She has challenged me to grow with my yoga and as a person — sometimes in ways I never imagined. I am much stronger, more flexible, and better balanced (physically and emotionally) after working with her. She has truly upped my game. I have decided I want to take a yoga teacher training program and I would love Eloise to be my teacher. Yoga is a gift to yourself and I can’t think of a better guide to lead you on the path of self-discovery.” ~Shannon Alviar

“My scoliosis, which I have had since childhood, improved from 67 degrees in 2005 to 47 degrees in 2010. I believe that your yoga classes, which I have been attending consistently for one year, have made the difference. In 2005, I was told by my doctor that only surgery would help correct my 67 degree curvature and in 2010 when I went to another doctor to assess my spinal curvature, my curvature had corrected by 20 degrees to 47. My doctor, on seeing the difference between 2005 and 2010, came to the conclusion that there must be a typographical error in my 2005 history and physical report, as according to her, the spine never improves and never to such a degree as a 20 degree improvement. How wrong she was in her assessment. I know that the back exercises you teach in class have made the difference.” ~Christine Daley

“My body feels better when I’m fortunate to have yoga practice with Eloise! I have dealt with chronic back pain for years and Eloise has explained how we repetitively bend in one direction but never reverse this. After class, I truly feel as if my shoulders, neck, and back become free and unstuck … I love what she teaches us about our bodies and enjoy all the elements of the class!” ~Kathryn G.

“I’ve had the great honor to do yoga classes and private lessons with Eloise of Karuna Yoga. She’s a phenomenal yoga teacher with an extensive knowledge of many different schools of yoga. I find she is one in a million and I highly recommend taking her yoga. Thank you, Eloise and Karuna, for the yoga fun and bliss! Namaste!” ~Dr. Sam Monus, fitness and wellness expert

“Thrilled to have a yoga studio opening in this area! Eloise is an amazing yoga teacher. I am a desk potato and taking her classes allows me to continue that. I leave class taller and stronger and relieved of my aches and pains. She has a knack for explaining subtle body movements that anyone can understand. Helpful, attentive in all postures/alignment. Looking forward to daily classes!” ~Barbara C.

“Eloise is an inspiration, a role model! Kind and gentle with a spice that motivates when feeling under the weather, yet can take you to another physical dimension with wit and humor. No matter the level of practice, her classes are a true delight, embodying strength and flexibility, with a compassionate disposition. It is always a honor to take a class with Eloise, an experience, a true inspiration.” ~A devoted student

“A great experience and class. I have been doing practicing yoga for more than 11 years and Eloise is the best teacher, ever!!! I look forward to many more classes with her!” ~Connie McIntosh

“The teacher, Eloise, was kind and helpful, adjusting each step to my limitations. I am very impressed with her and her studio and plan to continue after my Living Social coupon expires.” ~Valerie Seifert

“Great teacher, very informative and helpful” ~Connie Peterson